Korean War Memorial
Dayton, Ohio

Memorail Site Memorial Site

Services: Architecture & Master Planning

Type: New

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Completion: 1995

Project Cost: $1,000,000

Project Description: The Korean War Memorial, dedicated to Dayton Area men and women who lost their lives in the Korean War, consists of walkways, seating, flags and monuments within a park setting along the Miami River.  The curved walkway is flanked by brick and granite at an angle so as to read the names carved in each masonry module.  The cross form of the monument plan has five pieces of marble and granite that incorporate a statue, Korean map and the names of the deceased.  The background includes five flags with a view of the river and the downtown Dayton skyline in the distance.  This project was a personal endeavor for the owner of AAI, Mr. Bryan Choi.  Having lived through the Korean War as a child, Mr. Choi wanted to contribute his services for this special monument.  The site orientation, with the City of Dayton skyline in the background, was selected to provide a majestic feel and allow for meditation and contemplation by those visiting the memorial.